Bela Silva
Le Tango de Nos Amours

02/002/2018 to 17/03/2018

This exhibition gathers  a selection of drawings and collages from recent works by Bela. They reflect the excelent path of last year's exhibitions and events by the artist:
- Desorient Espress at Museu do Oriente (Oct / Dec 2016);
- Zotten at  Alecrim50 Gallery (Nov / Jan 2017);
- O Jardim das Tentações at Museu de Arte Antiga (May / Oct 2017);
- Notebook covers and wrapping paper with drawings inspired in the clay figures from Estremoz, at  the shop, "Vida Portuguesa" (Dec 2017);
And just recently, January 2018, a comission order by the prestigious  Hermès - Paris, of a drawing for a silk scarf, "La Maison des Oiseaux Parleurs".